Company Bio

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Insul-Coustic Corporation is a name associated with vehicle noise control since 1964. There is considerable goodwill connected to Insul-Coustic as a result of its leadership in the off-highway vehicle & equipment market in the 70's and 80's. During that time, I-C designed, tested, and manufactured noise control products, which allowed the OEM to achieve compliance with new Federal regulations covering operator exposure to noise (OSHA), and environmental noise (EPA). In fact, many of the specifications in existence, today, for cab headliners, engine compartment insulators and chassis liners at Caterpillar and John Deere were developed by Insul-Coustic.

Our History

The history begins in Long Island, New York in 1944, with Mr. John March and his fledgling company, Richmond Asbestos Co., a contractor/distributor of Owens-Corning Fiberglas® (OCF) which distributed products and did contracting work within the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) markets. He became OCF’ largest distributor/ contractor. In 1955, he began molding fiberglass insulation for pipefittings and non-standard pipe sizes, and began selling these products to other HVAC contractors. The molding business grew significantly, when OCF gave him their molding presses for production of high-density fiberglass boards used in the office furniture (e.g. tack board for office partitions) market. Additional growth came when he purchased Birma Products, a division of Bell Helicopter, which made quilted fiberglass insulation used to insulate helicopter bulkhead. In 1964, when the off-highway vehicle market began to develop for noise control insulation, he named the company Insul-Coustic, and the growth of his business continued.  Former employees of Insul-Coustic started most of the major fiberglass molding businesses in existence today. 

In 1982, Mr. March sold Insul-Coustic to the Celotex Corporation, Tampa, FL. In 1986, the assets of the business were purchased by Mr. Cunningham and renamed PresGlas® Corporation. Within that first year, PresGlas gained Certified Supplier status at Caterpillar, Fiat-Allis, Mack Truck, Chrysler, and others. PreGlas was sold in 1994.   

From its early beginnings unto the present day, Insul-Coustic Corporation has been dedicated to the restoration of the legacy of Mr. March and his commitment to the off-highway vehicle & equipment market

Our Values

Hard Work  We believe that this is a practical world and that we can count only on what we earn. Therefore, we believe in work, hard work.

Integrity  We believe that the foundation of Insul-Coustic Corporation is our commitment to fair and ethical conduct, grounded in personal honesty, openness and trust.

Quality  We believe in relentless pursuit of high quality products, services and processes. We strive to exceed the expectations of all our customers. 

Learning  We believe that Insul-Coustic will continue to grow if we remain open to learning, accordingly, we are committed to personal and professional development. 

Relationships  We believe that our employees should treat each other with dignity and respect, make sure our workplace is safe, work together to build a better company and share the recognition and rewards of our business success. 

Tradition of Innovation  We believe that we can build on our successes, continually seeking new ideas and better ways of doing things for the future

Accountability  We believe we are responsible for the company’s success by performing our jobs in ways that contribute to long term profitability, providing good product stewardship, and respecting the environment and community